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What does it mean to be a certified women-owned small business? It means we’re not only an advocate for our clients, we’re advocates for a new, forward-thinking generation.


It’s not rare to hear a company say that they champion diversity, but seldom do you come across an organization that truly puts their money where their mouth is. At MME, we recognize the importance of maintaining a culture of advocacy. Advocacy for our clients, for our employees, and for a generation that wants to see the organization they work for reflect the complexity, nuance, and diversity of their everyday lives. That’s why we’re proud to say we’re certified by the Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) contracting program, the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), and State and Local Government Contracts (SLED). 

We recognize that many projects (particularly government projects) require that a percentage of the work be carried out by accredited organizations. We want to help those organizations get the job done right, and do so with the support of a team that not only helps satisfy the mandated requirements but one that’s more than experienced enough to handle the scope of any project.

What does it take to become certified by the nation’s top diversity organizations? It takes a genuine commitment to making a difference. Check out the organizations MME has been certified by below.

As the largest certifier of women-owned businesses in the United States and one of the leading advocates for women business owners and entrepreneurs, few organizations have the impact WBENC has on the business world. WBENC’s mission can be broken down by its C.O.R.E. services: Certification, Opportunities, Resources, and Engagement. By committing heavily to all four tenets of the organization, it’s able to lift women up and help them make a bigger impact on their workspaces and the business world as a whole.


What does it take to be able to participate in state and local-level government projects? MME is certified in the states of Illinois and Indiana and the city of Chicago, allowing us to collaborate with SLED agencies in the area. Our goal is to help as many businesses as possible, and our certifications uniquely position us to do so.

The WOSB contracting program was developed to increase the percentage of federal money allocated to women-owned small businesses, putting them in a better position to succeed thanks to more financial support. At MME, we’re proud to say this certification allows us to collaborate with companies in several industries and has positioned us as one of the go-to resources for government contract jobs. Benefits to collaborating with certified WOSBs include:

  • Sole-Source Opportunities: When government entities award a percentage of contracts to WOSB-certified companies, it’s important to have a partner you can trust. 
  • Lower Pricing: Options lead to better opportunities—WOSBs can help you secure superior pricing, discounts, contracts, and more.
  • Expanded Market Access: Companies that contract out work to certified WOSBs can grow their reach into new markets and develop relationships with potential customers.
  • Bidding Preferences: With only a select percentage of contracts being awarded to WOSBs, companies like ours receive preference during open bidding processes.
  • PR Boost: Bolstering your company’s reputation by working with a WOSB is a simple way to improve your image.
  • Bottom-Line Growth: Securing a contact with a highly qualified WOSB grows your business by allowing you to diversify the projects you’re able to take on.

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If you’re looking to collaborate with a WBENC, WOSB, or a company certified to work with SLED organizations for your next project, MME is here to help. Reach out to our team today and see how we can maximize your potential.

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