AT&T Integrated Solutions

At MME, we’re proud to be a preferred AT&T Integrated Solutions (Network Integration) vendor, offering our Billing Buddy platform and support through their AT&T Account Teams.

This partnership allows us to offer dynamic solutions to traditional stubborn problems customers see with how they manage their billing, inventory, contracts and sites. Our platform is easy to use and has a low cost of entry.

Integrate Billing Buddy With Your AT&T Account

Simplify how you manage your enterprise technology and spend with Billing Buddy.

With Billing Buddy, you can manage multiple assets from one platform. From accounts, bills, and accounting to inventory, orders, and equipment. We enhance the Carrier experience.

Talk to your Account Team today for a demo and pricing.

Problems We Solve

  • Billing accuracy
  • Multiple locations for bills
  • Contracts falling off-term
  • Billing disputes
  • Past billing cleanup
  • Multiple billing platforms
  • Need to pull CSR
  • Inventory tracking
  • Manual GL coding
  • Timely support
  • Key information on different platforms
  • Manual processes
  • Paper bills
  • Multi-vendor billing
  • Lost time on calls

We Display And Connect

  • Orders
  • Circuit information
  • Equipment
  • Configurations
  • Accounts
  • DID Ranges
  • Trouble Tickets
  • Devices
  • Sites
  • Contracts
  • Serial numbers
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Spending trends
  • GL account coding
  • Phone systems
  • ServiceNow
  • MRC

Simplify Your Telecom Expense Management With Billing Buddy

If you’re looking to automate how you manage your enterprise technology and spend, contact your AT&T account team for a demo and pricing. We guarantee ROI.

Where Our Staff Can Provide Key Support

  • Order tracking
  • Billing disputes
  • Bill audit
  • Inventory MACD
  • Budgeting
  • GL Coding
  • Bill pay
  • Technology migrations
  • Staging and kitting
  • Escalations
  • Bill consolidation
  • Bill cleanup
  • Training
  • Project Management

When you entrust your AT&T account team to equip you with Billing Buddy, you’ll end up with:

  • Transparency
  • Accessible support
  • Simplified billing
  • Key information in one place
  • Consistency
  • WBE fulfillment
  • ROI
  • Low cost of entry
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