Billing Buddy

Take the frustration out of Telecom

  • Automate billing
  • Audit invoices
  • Manage inventory
  • Streamline accounting
  • Manage contracts and sites
  • Service on demand
  • Managed or SAAS
  • Customized for your situation
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Billing Automation

Streamline billing in multiple forms including paper, EDI, and web. Seamless integration to vendor portals for real-time accuracy.

Inventory Management

Replace spreadsheets and multiple systems that manage your account numbers, circuit IDs, and hardware just to name a few. We connect sites, ports, locations, and detailed carrier information all in one place.

Site, Contact & Contract Management

Make managing sites, contacts, and contracts easy. Gain true visibility into each site by knowing spend trends, users, inventory, and contacts from each vendor. Know when contracts are expiring and avoid paying tariff rates.


Built-in controls allow for more accurate and faster auditing of invoices. Reduce administrative burden with direct integration to your general ledger.

Self-Service Enablement

Create user rules for project collaboration with IT, Procurement, Finance, C Level and Client Care and work seamlessly together towards common goals. With the user in mind, we created a customizable dashboard to assign projects and keep statuses updated in real-time.

Support On Demand

Eliminate frustration with a dedicated partner that is results driven and understands working with carriers. Whether you have questions on billing, process, or need training, we pride ourselves on helping you save time and money.